Wood Center
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About the Wood Center

Wood Center is the activity of our company, which we started in 2012. Experience in wholesale trade, we decided to expand our business by industry that we found extremely interesting. Step by step, we expanded the base and supplemented the staff with approaching people who work with passion and commitment. The expanding range we sell with of warehouses gives our customers a sense of confidence. We invite you to visit ours companies not only on the website!

A wide selection of assortment

The development of industries for which we offer our materials allows for the introduction of new ones assortment so that our recipients have the widest spectrum of choice.

Attractive prices and high quality

Independent import from producers from all over the world allows for obtaining an attractive price level while maintaining the repeatability of the quality of the goods accepted by our business partners.

Ready for challenges

Financial and storage facilities as well as the experience of our employees make it possible implementation of all projects, even the most demanding

We’ve got respect of our partners

The balanced pricing policy applied from the very beginning of our company's existence allowed for gaining the respect of our customers who are now our long-term partners.

Our equipment

Equipping the carpentry shop with a modern panel saw allows for the formatting of boards in relatively short terms, even for vehicle quantities. For the quality of the cut care team of carpenters working in three shifts.

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Construction industry

For several years of working together with suppliers, we have learned to store goods without the likelihood of their damage, thus guaranteeing quality, despite the fact that sometimes the material is stored in warehouses. We have also achieved a repeatable brand and product quality that has satisfied our customers for many years


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